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Transform data in record time

Turntable is the fastest way to create and manage data pipelines, built from the ground up with AI

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Real time column-level lineage
You've got hundreds of data models. Understand how they are connected like never before
Stop breaking changes

Get alerted to breaking changes instantly. No need to wait for a failed production run or broken dashboard.

End-to-end coverage

See how your changes will impact mission-critical systems like executive dashboards.

Column auto-renaming

Rename a column in a single-click, we'll take care of the downstream changes.

✨ Built-in AI copilot
Turntable trains on your analytics codebase to suggest dbt code in real time
Autocomplete as you type
Get suggestions are you write, tailored to your company's existing models
Never touch a YAML file again
Generate table descriptions, column descriptions, tests, and edit them inline
Smart templates
Get a first draft of your model based on best practices
Sandbox environments
Write, test, document, and deploy your pipelines in one place
Run models 30x faster

Turntable's Quick Run allows you to test models in seconds on a cached subset of your data.

Zero-copy clone

Start developing each project in it's own isolated environment, without driving up cloud spend.

Managed runtime

Spend less time debugging environment issues. Turntable manages your dbt and python runtimes for you.

Lightning fast development
Develop models faster with query preview, inline validation, IntelliSense and more
Integrated with git

Seamlessly integrate with your existing git provider. Use Turntable's git UI to make version control easy.

Collaborate in real time

Share models, documentation and lineage with your team without additional developer seats.

Automated source ingestion

View your existing sources and add new data sources into dbt, no busy-work required

One-click EDA

Get insights with basic exploratory data analysis in one-click

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